Metro Security, in collaboration with HERO Client Rescue, provides all clients with EMS-ALS standard rescue service and an Emergency Response plan through HERO Ambulance at each METRO SECURITY guarded post. METRO SECURITY customers can call HERO 24/7 to send an ambulance to a post in the event of a medical emergency. This service is provided at no additional cost to the client.

HERO Client Rescue

ASIS International

Metro Security has been a member of ASIS International since 2015 and bases all our training guidelines to ASIS International standards. Our Security Coordinator, Stephanie Esper, is now Board Certified in Security Management by ASIS International, ANSI Accredited company. Certified Protection Professional is considered the gold standard for security management professionals.

ICoCA Affiliate

Metro Security is currently an affiliate of the International Code of Conduct Association which is our guideline for our company’s code of conduct. We adhere to this code to maintain respect for human rights, legal obligations, and good practices in providing security services.